We prefer to measure you ourselves, but we also realize that, due to distance, this is sometimes not possible. We can make hats in straight sizes (like the store), but hat companies vary in their sizing. Our sizes run similar to Resistol as follows:

Size 6 Ύ               (21 ½”)
Size 6 7/8            (21 7/8”)
Size 7                   (22 Ό”)
Size 7 1/8            (22 5/8”)
Size 7 Ό               (23”)
Size 7 3/8            (23 3/8”)
Size 7 ½               (23 Ύ”)

Many people fall between sizes, so it is best to measure your head (NOT the inside of your hat!) and let us know your measurement to the closest 1/8”. Head shape is also important for a good fit, so it is helpful to know if you are regular oval, long oval or round. You can always double-check your measurements by trying on a new Resistol felt (not an old one you have been wearing for years).

“I have to buy it tight because my last hat stretched.”-Some people think they need to buy a hat tight and it will stretch:  not the case with our hats. Since there is no wool in these hats, they do not stretch out;  so choose the size that is a comfortable fit. Remember that you can always pad a little, but a tight hat is a real headache!

“I have to buy my hat tight so it won’t blow off.”-Although you don’t want a hat that flops around on your head, you do want to have it loose enough to pull down on a windy or a fast horse.

“It will be easier to just measure the inside of my old hat.”
-When measuring, please do not attempt to measure the inside of your current hat. Unless you have a hat measuring device your measurements will not be accurate.

The measuring tape-Double check your measuring tape against a hard ruler. If you have on old tape, it may have stretched over the years